This is a blog. Maybe one day will become a magazine. But it is a blog, simply, with some ambitions more.
Here we’ll talk about wedding photography, or more generally, the ceremony photography. And since the ceremonies belong to everyone, from birth to death, we can say that this blog will talk about photography. Stop.

Will talk about photography, life, culture seeking to deepen along with the most interesting international photographers of the day in many respects, the issues and fascinations of the profession, through interviews that will fulfill myself.

I’m a photographer. A wedding photographer, of course. And also a photojournalist. I have always seen marriage as a constant deepening of the reality around us and the world in which we live. After years of work, creating a similar virtual space it has been for me a natural consequence.

Inside this space, nothing will be random. I will manage the interviews and I will make from photo-editor.

If you are a photographer, I hope that this place is helpful for you.

If you are a couple, this is a place where you can understand better what is your goals and discover different styles and way to live your big day.

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I hope it is for you something different and interesting. I’ll put all the passion I have.


Barbara Zanon

p.s.  I’m Italian, but this blog will be in English. Because my interviewees will come from all over the world. I only ask you to forgive some syntax error here 🙂