My name is Barbara Zanon. I start photography in 2004 as Photojournalist. After 13 years, I am still here. Working on stories. As photojournalist of course. But also as wedding photographer.

If you want better understand my cv and portfolio give a look here: 

I imagine myself as a daily-life-photographer.

I love Photography. Is my way to express myself. After years, the natural consequence was this place. A place where i can talk with colleagues about the direction of photography, where I can understand (and i hope you too) different way to live photography and shots.

something of personal: I graduated from High School of classical studies, then I enrolled in the Faculty of Chemistry. Since 2009 I am member of italian press association. My favorite photographer of all is Don McCullin. I love reading and going to the cinema. I live with two cats in Venice. I would love move to New York.  Rarely play the piano. I love Freitag. But even more I love Polaroid cameras.  I am self taught. 

Thank you for your patience and for your love for photography.

!Thank you!